The physical act of reducing impurities retained within the tissues of the body, dramatically changes the ease of operation of physiological activity.  The effect is so obvious a factor that it became the cornerstone of my post graduate study and formed the subject matter of my thesis.  Having witnessed the impact it could have on myself, family and essentially all my mentors’ patients, it naturally became an essential ingredient to my view of medicine and healing.  This in spite of the fact it had no real place in Asian Medicine, which was my focus at the time.  It was a critical discovery, and yet it was some 30+ years ago when few were urging their patients or the population at large to undergo periodic cleanse and detoxification.  Relegated at the time to dietary restrictions, various single herb usage, laxatives, panchakarma and colon cleansing; the likes of Dr. Bernard Jensen (DC) and Dr. Rathna Alwa (MD) emerged, and developed thorough protocols to assist patients in fundamental, internal detoxification.

About this same time, we were beginning to see the qualitative declines in our food, air and water, and how erosive the accumulation of these deleterious effects were to our health and vitality.  Juicing and fasting became commonplace.  Soon there were supplements and protocols for bowel and liver cleansing.  This grew and fragmented into common parlance and now everyone thought they were detoxing themselves by simply washing their faces and scraping their tongues, to the extremes of checking themselves into drug detox centers.  With these regimens came the drastic results of absolutely zero to a plethora of frightening healing crises, and a complete lack of understanding as to how to prevent and manage these crises.  Basically, how to acquire the benefits without the anticipated agonies.

We’ve even come to speak of toxic relationships and how they should be purged from our lives.  We are on a track to purge and cleanse, detoxify our environments, our pets, homes and communities.  Everything around us is being examined, cleansed and hopefully modified to promote well-being.  Not so much however when it comes to looking within; to cleanse and detoxify our very own bodies.  If you live on this planet, and particularly if you haven’t “returned to the earth” and live in a state of pre-industrialization, you are toxic.  You were already accumulating toxins from the point of conception with just the simple by-products of being alive.  And the brand new DNA you sport is only as good as where it came from.  But more importantly what you do with yourself, what you expose yourself to, and what elements attack you along the way, can make the difference in longevity and quality of life.

On behalf of my thesis and in search of documentation on the comparison of populations receiving Asian Medicine after detoxification, to those not undergoing detox; the difference was without question.  Since then I’ve seen this phenomenon repeated with every other healing modality I’ve explored.  There’s just no way around it.  An unencumbered, clean machine is going to function better than one with storage reserves and systems teeming with gunk.  And yet, random bowel and liver cleansing are no longer the best approach.  Granted these may be an issue that needs addressing, but there are many other organs and systems to consider.  Think of the bloodstream, the lymphatics, and skin as examples.  Similarly there are specific chemicals, microbes, parasites, toxic metals, allergens, etc. which may have to take center stage in a person’s detox process.  The supplements chosen to target these nuisances must be acceptable to the body and dosages personalized in order to insure the success of the procedure, and to avoid spiking discomforts.  As such, it is important we pick and choose our targets as well as our timing for detoxification.  It may or may not be the initial directive.  The timing depends on a combination of factors impacting the patient at any given point.  Occasionally a patient comes in who is essentially clean.  Obviously they won’t need to undergo the cleanse and we can leapfrog to treatment for their issues.  A rarity, true, but it does happen.

I recommend a patient follow the cleanse procedure once per year after the initial phase, to nullify new deposits from the previous year.  This greatly helps in terms of health maintenance over time.  There are other beneficial times through-out a year one might consider a cleanse, or follow an abbreviated form of it.  Examples would be over-indulgences, food poisoning, on return from foreign lands, or just getting sick a lot.  Any and all of these can be tailored to an individuals’ needs, and should be.

Although a yearly cleanse is recommended, it by no means indicates an overall failure if several years between were to elapse.  One would really have to be determined to go about inundating themselves with toxicity to undo the good accomplished by previous cleanses.  Cleanses do seem to build on each other, and after several, periodically repeated cleanses, the result is few if any retained toxicities.

What others have to say:

  • "Detox is my personal time to regain balance in my nutrition and all over health." - L.S.
  • "After I cleanse, I feel like a veil has been removed from my face. The world is brighter and I see more!" - N.S.
  • "Every January my whole family detoxes together. This is our recovery from the excesses of the holidays." - D.C.
  • "Dr. Alwa determined what my body needed detox and support before I ever got properly diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I was already ahead of the treatment/immune support game." - J.H.